Who We Are


We hope that this site will provide useful resources on overcoming trials and challenges that confront us on a daily basis, whether they be physical or spiritual issues pertaining to the health of the spirit, body, mind or emotions.


Our Mission

The churches mandate and desire is to bring an individual to a life changing spiritual experience, to grow in understanding and experience and reach a spiritual maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ as the person walks out God's established kingdom principles on this earth.

As disciples of Jesus Christ this church is carrying out the same mandate that was given to Jesus.


In addition to establishing His spiritual kingdom on this earth, Jesus was concerned about man’s physical, mental and emotional well being. Jesus spent much of His ministry on earth healing and restoring all who would come and ask.


Our Facilities


Oakbank Christian church is located in the north east corner of the town of Oakbank, Manitoba, a 15 minute drive east of Winnipeg, Manitoba.